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A range of quality water coolers for the office

We offer a selection of water coolers to match the needs of your specific location.

All models are installed by our own technicians and deliver Brita filtered, chilled water on demand, every time you need it.

We schedule regular a service to ensure the best operation, which includes sanitation and replacement water filters to ensure every dispense delivers the highest quality refreshing water.

Water Cooler IconTable Top Water Coolers

Suitable for busy environments as well as the smaller workplace, our stylish tabletop water coolers are the ideal choice for situations where space is a premium, such as small staff-rooms or kitchens.

Our top of the range model has Solenoid Dispensing Buttons, and HygieneGuard Tap Protection to reduce hand to tap bacterial contamination and – for POU Coolers – FloodGuard to avoid large scale flooding.

Brita filtration will ensure that tabletop water coolers will deliver the same level of clarity and purity; and our service level will be identical to that of a floor standing model.

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Table Top Water Cooler Rental

Water Cooler IconFloor Standing Water Coolers

Provide the highest quality water with our robust, yet stylish mains-fed floor standing coolers.

We will recommend the most suitable model to match the demands of your situation.

All of our equipment is delivered and installed by our own technicians and is fitted with Brita filtration to reduce limescale in your water and reduce taste-impairing substances like chlorine or chlorine compounds.

We will regularly sanitise your water cooler and replace filters at appropriate intervals.

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Floor Standing Water Cooler Rental
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