Fully Managed Vending Solutions

Perfect for the larger business

Fully-Managed Vending

Our fully managed vending service will take care of every aspect of your vending provision

We have staff located throughout our trading area to ensure that we are never far away. Our trained operators and engineers have completed our Company training programme and achieved the vending industry health and hygiene accreditation.

Fully managed vending services

We work extensively in education and health settings, therefore all our field-based staff are regularly DBS checked.

We understand that there is nothing more frustrating than a faulty vending machine. Most fault calls are rectified within 8 working hours of being reported to our dedicated faults desk or via our website.

On each visit our operators will:

  • Take accurate readings to provide a full audit trail and total cash handling
  • Fill and replenish your vending stock
  • Professionally clean your machines
  • Perform hygiene audits
  • Deal with minor faults and refer any concerns to an engineer
Fully Managed Vending Services

Complete vending solutions

We offer an extensive range of popular snacks and drinks. Each site has its own planogram, which is “optimised” to suit its sales patterns, and tailored to site requirements.

In response to the increasing trend, a cashless payment system is fitted to new equipment. Consumers will be able to pay with credit or debit card, contactless and mobile payment apps.

As a family-owned regional business we believe that we offer a greater level of flexibility than some of our competitors.

Fully Managed Vending Solutions

Fully Managed Vending

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Self Managed Vending

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Maintenance & Servicing

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Westways Vending is a leading supplier of vending machines, water coolers and vending machine services throughout Sussex, Kent and Surrey

We can provide you with a range of high quality vending machines, ideally suited to your unique business need, whether you are an office, leisure, workplace or catering business.

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