Westways and the Environment

How we are committed to protecting the environment

Westways and the Environment

Westways Vending undertakes recognises the importance of environmental protection and will comply with environmental legislation, regulation and appropriate codes of practice relating to processes and activities of the company.

We have a sustained commitment to reducing the environmental impact of our business.

Westways Vending BeanEnergy Saving Vending Machines

We understand that our vending equipment needs to work efficiently. The latest models have energy saving facilities, such as LED lighting and efficient boilers or refrigeration. In certain circumstances, vending misers are used to power down equipment when it is not in use.

Energy Efficient Vending

Westways Vending BeanWaste Reduction & Recycling

We are committed to reducing the amount of waste we generate. We aim to recondition vending equipment where possible. We will retain suitable spare parts for re-use when equipment is at the end of its life. We only use licensed and appropriate organisations for the disposal of waste and we observe the regulations for the disposal of waste electrical equipment.

Westways offers customers cup recycling schemes, and alternative systems to avoid the use of disposable vending cups. We are in close contact with our suppliers and developments into fully biodegradable consumables.

We aim to reduce single use plastic in our own business and our clients’, and we encourage the use of recycling schemes.

Westways Vending Recycling

Westways Vending BeanEnergy Saving Offices

In our offices, we separate our waste to ensure that we recycle as much as possible, and we endeavour to use environmentally friendly cleaning and workshop products. We have minimised the use of paper in the office, and we use refillable ink cartridges.

Lighting has been upgraded to LEDs, electrical equipment is turned off when not in use and heating is adjusted with energy consumption in mind.

Energy Saving Office

Westways Vending BeanFleet Management & Planning

We keep our emissions to the minimum by maintaining a modern well-maintained fleet of vehicles, and we use route planning and vehicle tracking software to create efficient journeys and monitor our activities.

Journey Planning

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