Floor Standing Plumbed Water Cooler

Providing chilled filtered water day in day out, whatever the weather

Floor Standing Water Coolers

Floor Standing Plumbed Water Cooler

Keep your employees or clients hydrated with this high capacity floor standing plumbed water cooler, ideal for sites where a large volume of cold water is required in a short time. It features HygieneGuard Tap Protection to reduce hand to tap bacterial contamination. This machine is a closed system Direct Chill / Pressure Cooler, which means that it avoids bacterial contamination of water from the air. Fitted with FloodGuard flood prevention device to stop leaks for peace of mind. This model can supply both chilled and ambient water.

Offered in anthracite with silver livery, with an optional cup dispenser, this model will perform reliably even in high demand environments. Our service contract includes quarterly sanitisation and six monthly water filter changes.

Benefits of using Westways Vending

  • Bespoke personal service
  • Delivered and installed by our own engineers
  • Complete set up and familiarisation included
  • After care provided by local, responsive service team
  • Industry accredited
  • Direct Chill/Pressure cooler with the cooling capacity for improved hygiene
  • 40 litres per hour with 120 cups immediate draw off all below 12C
  • Equipped with the new FloodGuard safety device which stops any leak
  • The push and hold Solenoid dispensing tap is fitted with a HygieneGuard tap cover
  • Includes cup dispenser and 3ltr overflow kit
  • 23cm dispense height
Width: 340mm
Depth: 340mm
Height: 1135mm
Weight: 25kg
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Looking for supplies?

Westways Vending will fit a recyclable filter to the water supply for your cooler. This will be changed at six monthly intervals. Quarterly sanitisation is included in our package too, so all you need to do is to order your choice of recyclable cup, be they paper or plastic, from our product range.


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